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Novo Nutrition unveils its three flavor Protein Wafer Bar

novo protein wafer

Less than 24 hours ago we posted about Novo Nutrition’s teaser of what definitely looked like protein bars of some sort. The innovative brand has now officially unveiled those mystery items, introducing the Novo Protein Wafer Bar. The brand has said the product actually tastes better than it looks, which would certainly be impressive as it has made the bar look quite delicious in its preview image.

Not all of the Novo Protein Wafer Bar’s details have been revealed just yet, with only a couple of macro highlights and one flavor. As you can see in the picture of the bar above, the brand has packed it with a relatively low 12g of protein and 4g of sugar. You can also see the one flavor confirmed so far in the image with Chocolate, which as suspected, is just one of the Protein Wafer Bar’s three flavors.

Novo is currently only promoting its new Protein Wafer Bar as coming soon, with no exact date, week, or month for when it will be available. Fortunately we do have a few more things to look forward to between now and whenever it arrives, as the brand has said it plans on revealing its other two tastes sometime soon.

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