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CEO of NutraBio Mark Glazier calls out Jim Stoppani


A few weeks back you may remember quite a bit of drama went down after Jim Stoppani posted a video claiming that Pro Jym is the only transparent protein on the market. We felt it was somewhat necessary to share a few others that are actually transparent including every Nutrabio protein out there. PricePlow had even more to say on the topic which you can read about in their very detailed post. The reason we’re bringing all this up again today is because the CEO of Nutrabio has in fact posted a response video calling out Stoppani.

Mark Glazier is the CEO and founder of Nutrabio, and is the star of the brand’s latest video titled “NutraBio CEO calls out Jim Stoppani for false protein claims“. The response runs for almost 13 minutes and is definitely worth watching. Glazier basically compares his transparent formula Muscle Matrix to Jim Stoppani’s Pro Jym, and goes over what separates the two. At the very least it’s a great video on what to look for in a protein powder, and how to read a protein label a little better.