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Two capsule and five powder formulas in Nutrex’s upcoming UltraFit Series

nutrex ultrafit series

With the launch of Nutrex’s first Clinical Edge Series supplement, Postlift, expected to be right around the corner. The brand has somewhat surprised us, revealing what it plans on releasing after the post-workout. The all-new Nutrex UltraFit Series has been confirmed, although nothing actually in it has been revealed as you can see in the teaser image above.

All we really know about the Nutrex UltraFit Series at the moment is that it’s going to have at least five different supplements. By the looks of things two of those five are going to be capsule formulas, with the other three being powders. It’s also very clear that the products are going to be color related in some way. In Nutrex’s teaser you can see that a variety of colors are used with yellow, green, blue, and orange. Blue however is used twice suggesting those two items are linked in some way such as being in the same category, or marketed towards the same audience.

After seeing how long it’s taken Nutrex to get Postlift out, being unveiled back in April and still yet to hit retailers. We’d definitely say don’t expect to see the Nutrex UltraFit Series out anytime soon. We do imagine more information will be released leading up to the launch of the line, which should keep things interesting since there are five supplements in the series.

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