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OutLift AMPed 1 of 5 new supplements coming in Nutrex’s UltraFit Series

nutrex ultrafit

Nutrex has officially unveiled its previously teased UltraFit Series today, and it is a lot more packed than we expected. By the looks of things the line is much like the brand’s Black Series, featuring all complex supplements for mainstream categories. The five items making up the Nutrex UltraFit Series are Lipo6 Black Intense, Aqua Loss, OutLift AMPed, Amino Charger +Energy, and Amino Charger +Hydration.

Almost all of those five products don’t really need any more explaining, although we will go over them just to clarify. Firstly you have Lipo6 Black Intense, which like all of the brand’s Lipo6 named supplements is a fat burner, with the addition of the word “Intense” simply making it sound like a stronger version of Lipo6 Black. Next is Aqua Loss, an entirely new herbal diuretic formula designed to reduce water and bloat.

We then have the two amino competitors, Amino Charger +Energy and Amino Charger +Hydration. We can only assume the products share the same base formula with a few extras thrown in on top to back up their titles, such as caffeine in +Energy and electrolytes in +Hydration. Last but not least we have the most exciting sounding supplement of the UltraFit Series, OutLift AMPed. This one is of course the pre-workout of the line, and is being promoted as a more intense version of the original OutLift similar to Lipo6 Black Intense.

While the launch of the Nutrex UltraFit Series has been made a whole lot more exciting with today’s unveiling, the line is still only said to be coming soon. That could mean this month, next month, or even September, for now we’re just going to have to wait. Knowing Nutrex we should get to see each of the five UltraFit product’s labels before they arrive, which we’re definitely looking forward to especially with the more intense OutLift AMPed in the mix.

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