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Sweet Peach Tea coming soon to 360Cut’s Amino Energize menu

peach lemon tea amino energize

While it may have only been introduced a few months ago at the beginning of the year, another flavor has already been confirmed for 360Cut’s energized amino competitor. At the moment 360Amino Energize is still available in the same three traditional tastes it launched with, in Cherry Limeade, Green Apple, and Watermelon. A fourth flavor has now been named for the supplement and it’s a lot more creative than any of its current options.

From what we can tell the name of the flavor is going to be Peach Lemon Tea 360Amino Energize. We’re not not 100% certain if that’s the complete title, although it does give you a basic idea on what kind of recipe we’re in for. If you want to be one of the first to try Peach Lemon Tea, we’d suggest keeping an eye on 360Cut’s website as that is where it usually releases its latest creations.

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