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Promax lowers its sugar and calories for its new Carb Sense Series

promax carb sense

While we’re not exactly sure when it introduced the supplement, sometime over the past few months the protein bar brand Promax did add to its small, but very well-known lineup. The latest addition to the Promax collection is as you’d expect, another line of protein bars called Promax Carb Sense. The difference with these ones compared to its original, Pro, and Lower Sugar Series, is that the Promax Carb Sense bars have less sugar and calories.

We don’t unfortunately have a label to go off for any of the Promax Carb Sense flavors, however the brand has dropped a short, overall description of the bars. Starting with their macros, the new additions to the Promax lineup have the same amount of protein as the Lower Sugar bars at 18g, the lowest sugar at 3g, 5-6g of non-fiber carbohydrates, and 190 or fewer calories. The brand has also mentioned a few other highlights for the bars such as being sweetened with stevia, no maltitol, and like all Promax bars they are kosher, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

From what we can see there aren’t actually any online retailers stocking the Promax Carb Sense line, although it is available direct. If you head to you’ll find the Carb Sense bars in stock in three flavors, with Chocolate Mint, Honey Peanut, and Salted Caramel. The prices on the bars are $1.79 for one, $17.99 for a box of 12, $17.13 a box for 6 boxes, and $16.81 a box for 12 boxes. You can also save 10% on all of those prices if you sign up to the brand’s newsletter, which will drop the product to as low as $1.26 a bar.

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