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Salted caramel and chocolate almond make it 7 for Promax’s Lower Sugar Bar

Salted caramel and chocolate almond make it 7 for Promax's Lower Sugar Bar

It seems a brand new look isn’t all Promax Nutrition have been working on. For those that didn’t catch the news from the other day, Promax actually put a survey together asking for the opinions of fans and those interested in a $5 coupon, on some branding examples. As lengthy as the survey was, in the end as mentioned you are treated to a $5 coupon that can only be redeemed direct on the brand’s website. It now turns out that before Promax’s new look has even been confirmed, the brand have unveiled two new flavors for one of their three protein bars. Originally Promax’s Lower Sugar solution was available in three tastes, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate fudged and peanut butter cookie dough. The brand later added to the supplement’s menu with chocolate mint and honey peanut, and are now adding to it once again with salted caramel and chocolate almond. Unlike the Promax branding, which for those that have completed the survey will know the team have a lot of directions they may end up going in. Promax’s Lower Sugar products have been finalized, and are so ready to go the brand are already gearing up to give some away.

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