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Upcoming QuadraLean Thermogenic not going to be stimulant free

quadralean Thermogenic

RSP Nutrition recently released, a reformulated and rebranded version of its well-known pre-workout competitor DyNO. The brand made a number of notable changes to the supplement, including making its facts panel 100% transparent. It now looks like RSP is getting ready to do exactly the same thing to its stimulant free weight loss formula QuadraLean. Details have surfaced of what appears to be a reformulated and rebranded version called QuadraLean Thermogenic, which is also going to be in a slightly different category.

By changing categories we don’t mean that RSP is making QuadraLean Thermogenic a protein powder or anything like that. The supplement is going to remain as a fat burner, however the new version is not going to be stimulant free like the current one. Because of that major change, we can definitely say original QuadraLean users are in for a very different experience if they decide to try the Thermogenic edition.

As well as being able to confirm that QuadraLean Thermogenic isn’t going to be stimulant free, we do also know what ingredients and doses are going to be in the product. In total the spin-off fat burner is going to have eight ingredients, with only two of those eight being from the current QuadraLean. The features making up the supplement are half a gram each of CLA and acetyl-l-carnitine, 300mg choline, 200mg natural caffeine, 75mg bitter orange, 50mg alpha GPC, 40mg yohimbe, and 25mg of cayenne pepper.

With the massive change in formula, it’s no surprise that RSP’s QuadraLean Thermogenic is aiming to deliver a very different combination of effects. Instead of the stimulant free list the current QuadraLean promotes, the upcoming product is promising clean energy, increased metabolism, laser focus, thermogenesis, and of course overall weight loss.

For those interested we have added the supplement’s official facts panel down below, where as you can see just like the recently released DyNO, it is a 100% transparent formula. We don’t yet know when QuadraLean Thermogenic is going to be available, however if it’s like most of RSP’s products it will be introduced through

RSP Nutrition QuadraLean Thermogenic

quadralean thermogenic

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