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Popular PES protein gets a spin-off with Select Vegan Protein

select vegan protein

One of PEScience’s next new supplements has been unveiled, following the release of its Milk Chocolate Select Protein replacement, Frosted Chocolate Cupcake. Coincidentally the item in the spotlight today is in fact a spin-off of that very product, with Select Vegan Protein. The supplement is a part of what PES is calling its Vegan Series, suggesting the Select spin-off isn’t the only vegan formula we’ll be seeing from the brand.

While Select Vegan Protein does use the well-known PES protein name, its formula is obviously very different from the original. Starting with the most important detail of the product, each serving of Select Vegan features 20g of protein from two vegan protein sources, pea and brown rice concentrate. The other macros making up the protein powder are 6g of carbohydrates (2g fiber), zero sugar, half a gram of fat, and a calorie total of 115.

Another highlight for Select Vegan Protein is that both of its flavors are naturally sweetened with stevia. As for what those two flavors actually are, it looks like PES is going to start the supplement off with two traditional tastes in Chocolate Bliss and Vanilla Indulgence. Both are expected to be available in two tub sizes to begin with, a regular 27 serving and a significantly smaller trial size 7 serving.

For those wondering when they’re going to be able to get their hands on the product, unfortunately we don’t have any release details just yet. All we can confirm for now is that Select Vegan Protein is on the way in the four options mentioned above.

PES Vegan Select Protein

select vegan protein

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