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Vapor X Next Gen due to be released at the end of next month

vapor x next gen

Last month at the first ever Stack3d Pro, Muscletech introduced a handful of entirely new supplements. The products it unveiled but didn’t release any details on were Nitro-Tech Whey Gold, the Nitro-Tech Bar, and the sequel pre-workout Vapor X Next Gen. While we’re still waiting on any details about the formulas of those three, we have been given an update on the pre-workout of the group.

Muscletech has confirmed that there is still quite a wait until fans can get their hands on Vapor X Next Gen. The supplement is expected to officially be available at the end of next month, which is roughly six weeks away. All of Vapor X’s details will likely be released before it hits shelves, so definitely stay for more on the pre-workout as well as Muscletech’s other upcoming products, Nitro-Tech Whey Gold and the Nitro-Tech Bar.

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