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Adrenal V2 an incredible $13 a tub at A1 Supplements

adrenal rush

Every now and then a deal comes along that’s a little too good to pass up, especially if its for a product that you’ve been wanting to try. Primeval Labs has just launched one of those rare sales through the retailer A1 Supplements for its stimulant pre-workout Adrenal Rush V2. The deal is pretty simple, instead of getting one tub for the product’s usual price of $39.99 you get three.

As hard as it may be to believe it is a buy one get two free offer, which we’ve only ever seen a handful of times. There aren’t any tricks or conditions to the promotion and the two free tubs are full 30 serving sizes. It is just as good as we simply described, three tubs of Adrenal Rush V2 for $39.99, working out to an incredible $13 each.

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