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Nutrex confirms 6g of BCAAs for Amino Charger Hydration

amino charger hydration

Following on from Nutrex’s closer look at one of its two upcoming UltraFit Series amino supplements, Amino Charger Energy, from earlier in the week. We now have a closer look at the brand’s other amino supplement Amino Charger Hydration. Like with the Amino Charger Energy preview, our first real look at Amino Charger Hydration gives us just a couple of details.

In total we only have two highlights for the UltraFit product in the spotlight today, one of which is from Amino Charger Energy. The highlights are 6g of BCAAs at what we can only assume will be the usual 2:1:1 ratio, and a 2.5g blend of what Nutrex simply describes as “hydration”. As mentioned we don’t have a lot of details, although based on what we know it does sound like Amino Charger Hydration is going to be just that, aminos plus hydration.

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