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BSN combines its original AminoX with an energy blend for AminoX Edge

aminox edge

When BSN finally brought its Edge Series to the US at this year’s Arnold Classic, with the launch of Syntha-6 Edge and NO Xplode XE. We suspected more would be on the way for the line, in fact the brand itself said more of its current products would be getting an Edge Series transformation. The first new addition to BSN’s Edge Series has now been unveiled and detailed, introducing the AminoX spin-off AminoX Edge.

Compared to the other two Edge Series supplements, AminoX Edge is most like Syntha-6 Edge being that it isn’t too different from the regular AminoX. The product is basically a combination of the original formula and an energy and focus complex.

BSN AminoX Edge

aminox edge

AminoX Edge is made up of three proprietary blends, with its amino blend being the heaviest. The supplement’s amino blend is in fact identical to what you’ll find in the regular AminoX with a 10g combination of micronized BCAAs, alanine, taurine, and citurlline. Following on from that you have AminoX Edge’s Efforsorb EnDura blend which is a slightly heavier version of AminoX’s Efforsorb blend with 2.3g of citric and malic acid, sodium bicarbonate, and cholecalciferol.

The third and final blend in BSN’s upcoming AminoX Edge is where all the new additions come in. Rounding out the product’s label is a 325mg mix of three energy and focus ingredients, caffeine, longan fruit, and lindera extract. It is worth mentioning that the caffeine is dosed at 125mg per serving, leaving 200mg for the longan fruit and lindera extract.

aminox edge

The only other details we have left to share for AminoX Edge is that it is due to be available in three flavors, all of which are from the regular AminoX menu in Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Orange. The Edge Series amino won’t however be borrowing the original’s amount of servings, as instead of having 30 per tub AminoX Edge is going to have two less with 28.

If you’re wondering when BSN’s AminoX Edge is going to be available, that is unfortunately one of the few questions we can’t answer. All we can say for now is that it’s coming soon with the formula outlined above, in the three confirmed 28 serving flavors.

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