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ANS Rave featuring more than just MagicLION with DMHA and caffeine also in the mix

ans rave

The label for ANS Performance’s highly anticipated pre-workout Rave has been released, and it is a lot more packed than expected. Since the brand has been pushing its use of the neurogenic compound MagicLION Lion’s Mane, we figured that would be the star of the supplement. Now that its label is available, we can tell you there is definitely a lot more to ANS Rave than MagicLION.

Much like how the brand’s first pre-workout competitor Ritual, features ingredients for everything including energy, focus, pump, and performance. ANS Rave features just as many ingredients, however it’s only designed to deliver on energy and focus. In total the product lists 11 transparently dosed ingredients, with six coming in its “Nootropic Focal Complex” and the remaining five in its “Mental Energy System”.

ANS Rave

ans rave

Starting with the larger of the two complexes, Rave’s nootropic side combines 2g of taurine, half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, 400mg n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 300mg choline bitartrate, 5mg huperzine A, and 100mg of its major highlight MagicLION. Moving on to the supplement’s energy side, this is where things get a lot more interesting. Up first is a 400mg caffeine combination of 350mg caffeine anhydrous and 50mg Infinergy dicaffeine malate. Then you have 100mg of theanine, 25mg higenamine, and 75mg of this year’s major stimulant kigelia africana extract — better known as DMHA.

While we won’t know how effective ANS Rave is until we try it, looking at its formula it definitely looks like it’s going to deliver its two promised effects — energy and focus. Its inclusion of DMHA alone will ensure it packs a punch, as mentioned on previous occasions we have yet to come across a DMHA product that isn’t effective. Its DMHA dose is a little light compared to the likes of Giant Rush at 125mg, although as you can see in its label above it does have a lot more to it such as 400mg of caffeine and of course its 100mg of MagicLION.

As far as we know ANS Performance is still aiming to launch Rave sometime next month and is also still running its weekly contest where it’s giving away a tub every Wednesday through until September.

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