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BPI unveils the Vitamin Shoppe’s exclusive Blueberry Lemonade 1MR

bpi 1mr

It was only just last month that BPI Sports dropped its all-new pre-workout competitor 1MR, officially launching it direct through its own website. Not too long after that the supplement started showing up in retailers such as Not even two months after that official release BPI has now unveiled another flavor for 1MR, which did already have quite a few options to choose from.

At the moment BPI fans can find 1MR in as many as five flavors with Apple Pear, Fruit Punch, Peach Cobbler, Snow Cone, and Watermelon Freeze. The brand has now introduced Blueberry Lemonade, a 6th flavor for the product that is also actually an exclusive to someone. It doesn’t appear to be available just yet, however when Blueberry Lemonade 1MR does arrive you are only going to be able to get it from the major retailer the Vitamin Shoppe.

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