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Upcoming Cinnamon Bun Lean Body RTD is going to be limited edition

Cinnamon Bun Lean Body RTD

Labrada Nutrition has unveiled the product it first teased last week, which is flavor number seven for its on-the-go protein solution the Lean Body RTD. Our guess at the new addition based on some things we knew was Cinnamon Bun, and as it turns out that is exactly what the brand has on the way. There is however something about the upcoming flavor that we didn’t know about and is quite important.

Whenever Labrada decides to launch its Cinnamon Bun Lean Body RTD, fans are going to want to get a hold of it as soon as possible. Basically the seventh flavor for the RTD is actually going to be a limited edition effort. We don’t know how long it’s going to be available for, although it is limited edition so we know for certain it’s not going to be permanent.

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