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TuffnTiny drops its first Pokemon related non-BULKemon design


The creative TuffnTiny team has actually dropped another entirely new item alongside or following on from last week’s interesting release. For those that missed it, last week the brand launched the limited time GAINZgar tee which was the first addition to its BULKemon Collection since March. The latest from TuffnTiny is another Pokemon related design although it’s not a part of its BULKemon line.

The new TuffnTiny effort is called Gotta Lift ‘Em All, a design combining its title, a classic Poke Ball, and a weight plate. As you can see in the image above the product’s title is wrapped around a Poke Ball styled 45lb weight plate. Anyone interested in grabbing TuffnTiny’s Gotta Lift ‘Em All can now pick it up from its website in tank or stringer form, for $24.99 in small, medium, large, XL, or 2XL.

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