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Grenade’s top tasting Carb Killa is getting another flavor

carb killa

Most of our regular readers will already know that our favorite protein bar by far is Grenade’s incredibly delicious Carb Killa. It’s been blowing our minds ever since it was originally introduced in Caramel Chaos, and just continues to get better with the likes of Dark Chocolate Mint and the Oreo Cookies & Cream like White Chocolate Cookie. Grenade has now announced that another flavor is on the way for its unbeatable protein bar.

At the moment Carb Killa can be found in six amazing flavors with the original Caramel Chaos, Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Crunch, Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate Mint, and our favorite White Chocolate Cookie. As mentioned Grenade has now confirmed that a 7th option is on the way for the product, however it hasn’t revealed what it is just yet. The only detail we’ve been given is the image above, which as clear as it is, doesn’t really say a whole lot.

The one obvious clue we get from the Carb Killa teaser image is that the bar’s wrapper is white, meaning the flavor does likely involve white chocolate like the similarly branded White Chocolate Cookie. It could also mean it involves cream or something along those lines, although we do feel white chocolate is most likely.

If you’re like us and are extremely excited to find out what Grenade has come up with for Carb Killa, we do actually have a date you can start counting down to. August 10th is the day the 7th protein bar flavor is going to be unveiled, with its official launch expected to go down a week or so after that.

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