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BPI Sports unveils its seventh Best Protein Bar flavor

Iced Vanilla Cupcake Best Protein Bar

Over the past couple of months BPI Sports has been giving its 2016 released protein bar, Best Protein Bar, a lot of attention. We saw a massive 25,000 bar giveaway, although more importantly we’ve seen quite a few new flavors. That addition of more options continues today as the brand has announced that yet another Best Protein Bar flavor is on the way.

Following on from BPI’s not even one-month-old efforts Apple Crumb Cake and Salted Caramel Pretzel, is its seventh flavor Iced Vanilla Cupcake Best Protein Bar. The brand has said the new addition is going to be available at the Vitamin Shoppe, meaning it’s going to get it first or it will be the only one getting it.

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