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MAN’s industry first ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer now available for pre-order

iso-amino coffee creamer

Most people that attended the first ever Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo back in late June, will have seen MAN Sports’ unveiling of its industry first product. For those that missed it the brand introduced ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer, which is exactly what it’s title. The supplement isn’t a coffee flavored amino like we’ve seen many times before, it is an actual coffee creamer infused with BCAAs.

The reason ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer is back in the headlines again today is because MAN is now taking pre-orders for it. Like all of the brand’s new releases, its ISO-Amino spin-off has been introduced through its insider 1%ers group. Fans do of course have options with two deals available, one for a single tub and the other for two.

The offer on one tub of MAN’s ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer is $24.99, with two tubs being 20% cheaper at a combined total of $39.99. You can choose or mix and match either of its two 30 servings flavors, French Vanilla and/or Hazelnut. Lastly, anyone that gets in on the pre-order can expect their ISO-Amino Coffee Creamer to be shipped in roughly two weeks time on the 15th of August.

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