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Grenade’s delicious Killa Coffee officially released in the UK and Europe

killa coffee

After officially unveiling it at the first ever Stack3d Pro back in June, Grenade has now launched its protein infused skinny coffee, Killa Coffee. The zero fat, incredibly low sugar, and just 99 calorie drink has been introduced through the brand’s own website at £2.49 a piece. You can also buy the product in cases of 12 at £29.88, although that is the same value as the individual £2.49.

Like all of Grenade’s new releases, Killa Coffee is only available to those within reach of its UK and EU websites. It has not yet been added to its US version, with no word on if or when that’s going to happen.

If you are within reach we definitely suggest picking this one up if you’re an on-the-go coffee and protein drinker. We were lucky enough to try Killa Coffee a few months ago and can confirm it is surprisingly delicious. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker you’ll likely enjoy it, and at just 99 calories with 23g of protein it is also impressive macro wise.

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