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Muscle Elements details its line in an interactive Muscle Elements Table

muscle elements

Muscle Elements has just launched a new interactive feature on its website called the Muscle Elements Table. It’s presented in a style similar to the highlights and details found on the front of all of the brand’s supplements. The information in the table is essentially a combination of all of the effects you can get from the seven Muscle Elements products.

Each of the 37 effects or “elements” on the Muscle Elements Table are listed with an explanation of what they are as well as what supplements you can get them from. For example Xp stands for eXplosive Pumps which you can get from AmiNO Flow, Ar is Adrenal Reset found in Amino PM, and Hs is High Stim which you’ll get from PreCre XS. The interactive Muscle Elements Table is now live on the brand’s official website at

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