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Nutrex Black Series rebranded with a Clinical Edge and UltraFit like layout


When Nutrex unveiled its Clincal Edge Series way back in April, we noticed its supplements had a surprisingly different look compared to all of the brand’s others. We didn’t think too much about it then a few weeks ago we were introduced to Nutrex’s upcoming UltraFit Series. For those that haven’t seen the line, the products do have a separate set of colors but a very similar layout to the Clinical Edge items.

Nutrex has now unveiled something we kind of saw coming, with a rebrand for all of its supplements not in the Clinical Edge or UltraFit Series. The new look is for the brand’s mainstream Black Series, which as you can see above on Hemo Rage and Muscle Infusion, is a combination of the line’s two original colors as well as the consistent layout from the Clinical Edge and UltraFit products. Nutrex has already started applying the rebrand to its Black Series as you can see with Hemo Rage and Muscle Infusion, both of which have also been updated on its website.

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