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Performix’s 5 piece Performance Lifestyle Series lands at GNC


Over the past few months we’ve seen a long list of new supplements unveiled by Performix. Back at the Stack3d Pro Expo in June the brand introduced three products with the creatine Crea-Bead, ISO-SYM, and a powder version of SSTi. A little before that Performix actually unveiled another five from its Performance Lifestyle Series with Sport CLA, the focus formula TCP, Omega Sport, and the Men’s and Women’s Multis.

While Crea-Bead, ISO-SYM, and SSTi Powder were all revealed after Performix’s Performance Lifestyle Series. They were in fact released before the five supplement line, which up until this week had none of its products available. Anyone that’s been waiting for the brand to launch its Performance Lifestyle supplements will be pleased to hear that 80% of the series is now in stock at the major retailer GNC.

When we say 80% we mean all but one of Performix’s Performance Lifestyle products are available with Sport CLA, TCP, Men’s Multi, and Women’s Multi in stock. The one missing is Omega Sport, although GNC is still listing, it’s just on backorder.

All of the supplements are priced around the same area at between 60 to $75. The two cheapest are the Men’s and Women’s Multis at $59.99, then you have the Sports CLA at $64.99, and TCP and Omega Sport at $74.99. Those prices are only for GNC’s Gold Card holders, with non-members paying $15 extra for Sports CLA, TCP, and Omega Sport, and $10 more for either of the Multis.

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