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PNI Prodigy comes in just behind Unstoppable and DVST8 White Cut

pni prodigy review

Yesterday we finally posted our top rated review of the all-new PNI Prodigy. The supplement basically delivers in every area a pre-workout can, although three in particular. It’s a combination of unstoppable energy, laser-like focus, and a pump that tops anything else we’ve ever experienced. As promised on social media, we’re back today giving Prodigy its well-deserved position on our list of top 10 pre-workouts.

The product has been placed right up there with the two that made their marks earlier this year — Dedicated Unstoppable and Inspired DVST8 — coming in at 3rd place. In our minds Prodigy doesn’t quite have enough range to beat out the top two, however like Unstoppable and DVST8 it is way ahead of the rest of the field.

While Prodigy’s pump is much better than either of the top two, it does fall behind a fair bit in the performance and endurance department. Its energy is also a little lighter and focus about the same, which is why we’ve slotted it in just behind Unstoppable and DVST8. If however you do prefer pump over performance, then Prodigy would be the one to go with. As mentioned it’s not as complete as the other two, but if you’re only looking for energy, focus, and pump, Prodigy is the better option.

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