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PNI’s powerful Prodigy coming soon to Tiger Fitness for $39

pni prodigy

Last week we posted about a deal from PNI where you get 25% off everything on its website. The best thing about the sale of course, is that it drops the brand’s incredibly powerful pre-workout Prodigy down to a very competitive $45 with free shipping. This week we’ve got even more news about the availability of PNI pre-workout’s, which is possibly better than the sale we recently shared.

PNI has announced that Prodigy is soon going to be available through the major retailer Tiger Fitness. Not only is it going to make purchasing the supplement a lot easier, especially if you’re a regular Tiger Fitness customer, but it is also going to give Prodigy a consistently lower price. The store is in fact already listing the product at just $39.99, all we have to do now is wait for stock to arrive.

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