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Introducing PES naturally caffeinated Select Cafe Protein

select cafe protein

Last month PES introduced its first Select Protein spin-off series with the pea and brown rice powered Vegan Series. The brand has now unveiled another spin-off for the same supplement introducing Select Cafe Protein. The new line is going to be the next big release from PES and is a combination of three naturally caffeinated protein powder flavors.

The different flavors making up the Select Cafe Protein menu are Iced Mocha, Vanilla Frappe, and Caramel Macchiato. It is definitely worth mentioning that these aren’t just new flavors of the incredibly delicious Select Protein. Not only are they as mentioned, naturally caffeinated, but as PES itself says “Select Cafe isn’t just something to toss into a shaker and chug.”

select cafe protein

The brand has actually given us a list of how to best serve Select Cafe instead of tossing it in a shaker, with three different ways to enjoy it. There is the “Classic Iced” where you pour it mixed into a cup of ice, “FrappĂ© Style” where you throw it in a blender with a cup of ice cubes, and lastly “Classic Hot” where you stir up a serving in a cup of hot water.

As mentioned earlier Select Cafe is going to be the next big release from PES, which will be officially launched direct through the brand’s insider group. You can sign up to its insider list to be a part of that launch on its website at, and expect to see the Cafe Series introduced early next week.

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