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AI Sports unveils its sequel testosterone booster Stoked XT

stoked xt

Earlier this year AI Sports gave us a sequel to its testosterone booster, with the newly named TestoPro XT. This week the brand has confirmed that it’s going to be giving the XT treatment to yet another one of its current products, introducing Stoked XT. The supplement is of course a sequel to AI’s other well-known testosterone formula simply called Stoked.

At the moment all we have on Stoked XT is its name, a low-quality image of it, and its list of effects. Starting with that list, the upcoming sequel is actually being promoted as a post cycle therapy supplement designed to “boost testosterone” and “support healthy estrogen levels”. It also aims to do all that with slightly less than its predecessor, as AI has dropped Stoked XT to 90 capsules per bottle, whereas Stoked sits at 120.

For now that is all we have on Stoked XT, with the only details available about its release being that it’s coming soon and expected to be introduced direct through AI’s website.

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