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Free flavor matching soap with XCD’s fat burner Vapor XS

vapor xs

XCD Nutrition has put together an extremely creative promotion this week, with something we have never seen from any other supplement company. The deal involves its flavored fat burner Vapor XS which comes in three flavors with Cotton Candy, Coconut Mango, and Black & Blue Sorbet. As strange as it may sound, currently whatever flavor of Vapor XS you purchase direct from the brand, you’ll get a free bar of soap to match.

While you may initially think that promotion needs a little more explaining, it really doesn’t. The deal is exactly how it sounds, say for example you purchase Coconut Mango Vapor XS you’ll get a bar of handcrafted soap that’s also Coconut Mango flavored.

The deal was announced by XCD on social media, however you won’t see it mentioned on its website. It doesn’t sound like you need a coupon or anything to get the free soap, just purchase Vapor XS from its official store. It is worth mentioning that the brand is saying the promotion is only available at, not its local US website

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