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XCD wants to replace your protein with its HumaPro like Synthapro


The Australian company XCD Nutrition has unveiled a new supplement coming soon that’ll kind of put it in the competitive protein powder market. Synthapro is the name of the upcoming product, that is kind of along the same lines as ALR’s well-known HumaPro, that’s not your typical protein formula but a replacement.

Synthapro is a precise blend of 12 different, vegan sourced amino acids, as mentioned along the same lines as ALR HumaPro. The idea behind the protein replacement is that because it relies on free form amino acids instead of bonded aminos, which is what makes up your typical whey protein. Synthapro is much easier for your body to digest and is immediately absorbed.

XCD has confirmed that its latest creation also features coconut water sourced electrolytes to further help with growth and hydration.

At the moment we don’t have any details on the doses or what aminos make up Synthapro, although all of that should be revealed soon as the supplement is due to launch soon. When it does eventually arrive, it’ll have at least one size with 60 servings, and at least one flavor with the fruit recipe Malibu Sunset.

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