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White Chocolate Pretzel set to make it 8 for BPI’s Best Protein Bar

white chocolate pretzel best protein bar

Despite only being released a handful of months ago, BPI Sports has been dropping flavor after flavor for its Best Series bar, Best Protein Bar. The supplement was originally only launched in three options with Chocolate Peanut Butter, S’Mores, and Cookies and Cream. The product can now be found in an impressive seven flavors, with this week actually bringing confirmation of yet another.

Following on from BPI’s most recent addition to its fast growing protein bar, Iced Vanilla Cupcake. The brand has unveiled White Chocolate Pretzel Best Protein Bar, which is set to make it an impressive eight flavors for the supplement. For now White Chocolate Pretzel is only said to be coming soon, however seeing as BPI has dropped more than one new Best Protein Bar a month since it launched, we don’t imagine fans will mind any kind of wait.

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