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360Protein essentially confirmed in latest 360Cut teaser


While some companies keep teasers fairly vague with completely blacked out bottles or just the confirmation that a new supplement is coming. 360Cut has been more than obvious in its latest teaser, involving what clearly looks like to us, a new protein powder. Not only does the bottle in the image and the few details revealed on that bottle, all point to a 360Protein, but the brand’s teaser line “Good Things Are On The Whey”, pretty much confirms it.

The few details that we can make out in 360Cut’s 360Protein teaser appear to be its serving highlights with 24g of protein, 2g of net carbohydrates, and just a gram of fat. Based on some of the other bits and pieces that can be seen and the brand’s teaser line, it also looks very likely that the product is going to be a 100% whey protein formula. The only details we have outside of all that is that 360Protein is going to be gluten-free and launched sometime soon in at least one flavor with Chocolate.

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