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Another flavor on the way for EVL’s still relatively new Stacked Protein

stacked protein

Roughly three months ago EVL started teasing the coming of another flavor for its protein powder competitor, Stacked Protein. A couple of weeks later we were introduced to the brand’s Birthday Cake effort, which immediately went on sale at EVL has now revealed that it has yet another option for the supplement on the way, which is still relatively new at just over half a year old.

EVL hasn’t obviously confirmed the name of its next Stacked Protein, only saying that a sixth flavor is on the way. Due to the fact that we don’t have any clues we don’t want to make any guesses just yet, especially since the brand’s last release wasn’t exactly a common protein flavor. As soon as we get more information we’ll be sure to share it, although if things go like they did with Birthday Cake the next update we have will likely be the unveiling of the flavor.

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