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Fitness First expected to get Animal Pak Powder in exactly 4 weeks

animal pak powder

Ever since it was launched back on the 1st of April, in the US Animal’s flavored version of Animal Pak has only been available through Fortunately that hasn’t really been a problem as the online retailer has given it more than enough sales and even at its regular price it costs the same as the original pill pack. It’s now been revealed that Animal Pak Powder’s exclusivity is coming to an end.

Another online supplement retailer has just added the more convenient Animal Pak Powder to its website, confirming it as coming soon. According to Fitness First, it is going to have the product in stock in exactly four weeks time on Friday the 7th of October. While that does mean Animal Pak Powder is finally going to be available outside of, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a cost-effective option. According to its website, Fitness First’s Animal Pak Powder is going to be 10% more expensive with a price of $29.50.

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