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ATP’s topical muscle builder Prototype 8 gets a double 200ml tube

atp prototype-8

Back at this year’s Arnold Classic Australia we met the rather unique brand ATP Science. The brand really sets itself apart with the categories it competes in and the effects its products offer, as well as its stylish modern branding. One of the supplements in its line-up is Prototype 8 — a topical muscle building formula — which has now been given a second size.

Previously ATP Science’s Prototype 8 came in just the one, 100ml tube. The new addition to the product’s list of options is actually a tube twice that size, measuring in at a total of 200ml. While ATP’s website is still only listing Prototype 8 in its original size, the Australian retailer Nutrition Warehouse is already showing stock of the 200ml and with a price 20% cheaper than the 100ml.

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