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ATP Science gives its premium collagen protein whey-type benefits with added BCAAs and EAAs

Atp Science Protein Plus

There are a few supplement companies that push the boundaries around the globe in their specific regions and markets; ATP Science in Australia is one of those, known for coming out with rather specific and specialized products in the areas of sports, health, and wellness. Its latest effort is Protein+, which, true to its name, is more than a typical protein powder or “plus” in this case, where you simply get more than protein, although it is worth mentioning this is not backed by a common muscle-building source like whey.

ATP Science’s Protein+ is a collagen supplement essentially, where you get 25g of collagen per serving, specifically, premium Bodybalance and Tendoforte collagen, the former designed to support muscle strength and size, and the latter specializes in tendon, ligament, and joint health. Again, together, they are dosed at a combined 25g, providing 25g of protein, and while there are added amino acids in there, like Zombie Labs’ new Shredz Protein Water, they don’t seem to go towards the protein due to the brand saying there is 25g of collagen.

Atp Science Protein Plus Label

With all of the above said, ATP Science has packed some hefty dosages of aminos into Protein+ to further support muscle recovery and repair, as well as give the collagen a more complete amino profile. Alongside the premium Bodybalance and Tendoforte is 5g each of BCAAs and glutamine, 1.5g of betaine, a gram of taurine, half a gram of carnitine, and 80mg of the missing essential amino acids, tryptophan.

ATP Science seems to be giving you the benefits found in a traditional whey protein powder with all nine essential aminos acids and heightened amounts of muscle-building and recovery-supporting BCAAs, on top of a collagen-based offering the premium benefits of Bodybalance and Tendoforte. Being collagen-backed, Protein+ is mostly available in fruity flavors with Blueberry Lemonade and a straight Raspberry, as well as a more typical Chocolate, all of which are in stock at at $99.95 (66.24 USD) for a tub of 25 servings.