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Axis Labs teases a mystery flavor one of its current supplements

axis labs

Axis Labs has released a teaser of what appears to be its next release, although it hasn’t revealed a lot of information about it. To be more specific its teaser doesn’t include anything except for a bit of smoke. Fortunately the brand has been kind enough to give us an extra detail, which is helpful but still not enough to confirm exactly what the mystery item is.

Basically Axis Labs has revealed that its next move is going to be a new flavor for a current supplement. As for what current supplement the brand is referring to, we don’t have any idea, nor do we know what kind of flavor we’re in for. If we had to guess we’d say it’s going to be a creative recipe for one of the brand’s more popular products. We’re going with that because we don’t imagine Axis making a big deal about a common option for a not so popular product.

The timeframe on this one is that it’s arriving “very soon”, so definitely stay tuned if you’re a fan of Axis Labs.

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