EHP Labs hits the Olympia Expo with six new supplements

Sep 17, 2016 | EHP Labs
isopept zero

EHP Labs, a brand we first come across when we were down under in Australia, is here this year at the 2016 Olympia Expo and with a lot more than we expected. When we stopped by its booth not only did we see all of its usual supplements such as OxyWhey, Beyond BCAA, and RPMax, but we also came across a whole bunch of seemingly new ones.

In total we spotted six EHP products we hadn’t seen before with the hydrolyzed isolate protein IsoPept Zero, the joint formula Joint Flex, the self-explanatory Vitamins. Men’s and Women’s versions of the stimulant free fat burner OxyRem, and another self-explanatory supplement called Cleanse.

ehp oxyrem

We didn’t get any more information on the six products outside of their names and descriptions, although it does look like they’re all bottled and available. If that is the case then we don’t imagine them being too far away from stores or at least becoming available through EHP’s official website.