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EVL planning to unveil five new flavors at the Stack3d Pro Fall


If you’re an EVL fan and got quite excited about our post from earlier in the month when another flavor of Stacked Protein was teased, you’re going to want to tune in next week on Monday. While we don’t yet have word on what that other Stacked Protein flavor is, we can tell you that it is going to be revealed at the upcoming Stack3d Pro Expo. We can also tell you that’s not all EVL is going to have on display at our online expo.

As well as finally unveiling its sixth Stacked Protein flavor, next week EVL is also planning on unveiling four other flavors for two current supplements. Unlike with Stacked Protein we don’t know what either of those other supplements are, just that one of them actually doesn’t have any flavors available for it at the moment.

Basically, as mentioned if you’re an EVL fan you’re going to want to tune in Monday. Everything goes live at a minute past midnight on Sunday, so if you don’t have the patience to wait until morning you can stay up on Sunday night.

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