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Grenade unveils its limited edition Fireball .50 Caliber

fireball 50 caliber

The first brand we’ve stopped off at for our live coverage of this year’s Olympia Expo is none other than the UK brand Grenade. As confirmed yesterday, it does have its custom military style shaker available in a number of different colors with desert tan, black, gray, and the usual green. Also on display at Grenade’s Olympia booth is an upcoming limited edition flavor for its pre-workout competitor .50 Caliber.

The all-new flavor, which is also going to be Grenade’s very first limited edition effort from what we know, is Fireball 50 Caliber. The flavor is definitely a creative recipe, in fact we’ve only ever seen it be attempted by one other brand and that was Black Market back in August of 2014 with its Fireball AdreNOlyn.

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