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BlenderBottle’s long-awaited Galaxy Cat is finally ready to go

galaxy cat blenderbottle

A few months back BlenderBottle announced that it was working on turning its Galaxy Cat shaker into a reality. The extremely out there design was originally posted on April Fools as a joke, but due to its positive reception the brand actually decided to try and put it together. It appears that BlenderBottle has finally finished working on Galaxy Cat and is now getting ready to officially release it.

To get the excitement going the brand has dropped a complete 360 preview of its final design, which is quite a bit different from the first picture we saw, but still strongly communicates the Galaxy Cat message. You can see the preview below featuring a dark green cup and lid, a much lighter green cap, and a galaxy and cat infused graphic on one side.

BlenderBottle hasn’t said when its long-awaited Galaxy Cat shaker is going to be available, just that it’s coming soon. The brand does actually have its Color Of The Month release for October coming up next week, so it may end up in there, although we wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy Cat BlenderBottle was given something a little more special.

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