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GAT’s PMP RTD is also going to feature 4 key ingredients from the original

gat pmp

Following on from yesterday’s somewhat detailed confirmation of the Nitraflex RTD. GAT has released the same kind of thing for its other upcoming on-the-go pre-workout, the PMP RTD. Not only does the brand’s latest update further confirm that PMP is its other RTD, but it also reveals the similarities the premixed version is going to have with the PMP powder.

Just like with the Nitraflex RTD and Nitraflex powder, the GAT PMP RTD is going to feature four key ingredients from the original. Those consistent features are 1.1g of citrulline, a gram each of beta-alanine and arginine, and lastly 325mg of caffeine.

Also much like with the Nitraflex RTD, those four ingredients may not be all that’s in the supplement. GAT has only highlighted the four because they’re from the powder, and may very well be joined by a few others when the PMP RTD’s label is eventually revealed.

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