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Save big with Grenade’s limited edition 50% extra .50 Calibres

grenade 50 calibre

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of interesting releases from the innovative team over at Grenade, however there is one thing we don’t remember ever seeing. While it has done quite a few limited editions, we don’t remember any bonus bottles from the brand. This month Grenade has changed all that with a special version of its pre-workout competitor .50 Calibre.

As you can see in the obvious promotional image above, Grenade has put together a 50% extra .50 Calibre. The latest from the brand is exactly what it sounds like, a bottle of its pre-workout with 50% more servings packed into each limited edition tub. The bonus bottle is only available for Grenade’s European .50 Calibre, which takes it from its usual 20 servings to 10 more with a total of 30.

While the 10 extra servings is already very exciting news, that’s not actually the best part. The 50% extra .50 Calibres are in fact not going to cost UK and European fans anything extra. The bonus servings are just that, a bonus, technically making it 33% better value than the 20 serving.

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