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Killer Labz packed pump pre-workout Noxious now available with 25% off

killer labz noxious

If you liked the look of the DMAA brand Killer Labz pump pre-workout Noxious, then you’ll be happy to hear that the product is now available and with a pretty good discount. Killer Labz has added the supplement to its own website at and given it a regular price of $44.99. As mentioned however the brand does have a sale on at the moment which drops that $44.99 down to a much more competitive price.

The promotion Killer Labz currently has available is its Labor Day sale it launched yesterday, giving you 25% off everything on its website. That offer does of course includee its latest release Noxious, taking it down from $45 to $33.75 for a full-size 30 serving tub. The only other detail worth mentioning is that you do need a coupon code for the 25% discount, which is “LaborDay25”.

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