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Optimum unveils another green-themed formula, the meal replacement Opti-Fit


We were pretty surprised last week when Optimum Nutrition continued its already massive run of new supplements with the unveiling of its caffeine free fat burner Daily Fit. The item made it an extremely impressive total of three new products from the brand in roughly three weeks, something we don’t think we’ve ever seen from Optimum. Believe it or not today we have yet another new supplement from the brand that appears to be from the same line as Daily Fit, with a protein called Opti-Fit.

Coming from a brand that arguably already has every area of the protein category covered, you might be wondering what could possibly be Optimum’s angle with this one? Opti-Fit is officially described as a meal replacement formula powered by fast and slow digesting proteins. It also gives itself a point of difference with an added mix of vitamins and minerals, as well as a carbohydrate blend featuring chickpea powder, oat flour, and chicory root fiber.

The macros making up Opti-Fit per serving, are the usual 25g of protein from a blend of whey concentrate and micellar casein. 17g of carboydrates (6g fiber, 2g sugar), 3g of fat (1.5g saturated), and a total of 200 calories. Those numbers are all based on the product’s Vanilla flavor, and do vary slightly in carbohydrates and fat with the same amount of calories for its other two tastes, Chocolate and Mocha.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Fit


Much like Optimum’s other recently revealed green themed supplement, Opti-Fit is only said to be coming soon with no word yet on when it’ll be hitting shelves. With that being said the Olympia Expo right around the corner, where we wouldn’t be too surprised if we saw more of Daily Fit and/or Opti-Fit, as well as maybe some other green and Fit named products.

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