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Introducing Optimum’s caffeine free fat burner Daily Fit

optimum daily fit

Optimum Nutrition is definitely one of the biggest names in the industry, in fact this year it’s celebrating its 30th birthday. Despite being one of the biggest names around, over the years it’s never been one of the busiest when it comes to new supplements. In the past few weeks we’ve certainly seen a change in that with two major product reveals and today bringing yet one more.

To make it three entirely new Optimum supplements unveiled in less than three weeks, today we’d like to introduce to you Optimum Daily Fit. This one is actually quite different compared to the brand’s other recently revealed items — Opti-Bar and Gold Standard Gainer — being that it’s not for one of your more mainstream categories. Optimum officially describes Daily Fit as a caffeine free weight loss solution, simply designed to help you burn fat without the use of caffeine.

In total Optimum Daily Fit relies on four main ingredients as well as a handful of vitamins and minerals, to help deliver its caffeineless weight loss experience. The four main features which are all 100% transparently dosed are half a gram of acetyl l-carnitine, 200mg green tea, 65mg red pepper, and 10mg of BioPerine black pepper. Those numbers are all based on a single two-capsule serving of Daily Fit, with just the one serving recommended each day.

Optimum Daily Fit

optimum daily fit

You can see the official facts panel for Optimum’s upcoming Daily Fit above, with the only thing we don’t have any details on today being when the product is going to be available. All we know at the moment about its release is that it’s coming soon, putting it in the same boat as Optimum’s other upcoming supplement, Gold Standard Gainer.

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