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ErgoGenix, GAT, American Metabolix, and Magnum join the list

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Following on from last week’s major announcement of the upcoming Stack3d Pro Fall officially being powered by the major retailer We now have a few more names to confirm for our next online supplement expo. Much like the last lot we posted about, this week’s group is a combination of brands you might remember from the first Stack3d Pro a couple of months ago and a couple of brands that are going to be participating for the first time.

In total we have two returning brands to confirm today, the first being American Metabolix who ran a pretty big sale back in June, and Magnum who also ran quite the promotion. Making up the other half of the list is ErgoGenix who is currently getting ready to release its new pre-workout competitor ErgoPre, and GAT Sport who just launched RTD versions of its pre-workouts PMP and Nitraflex.

Definitely stay tuned for more important announcements as we move closer and closer to the Stack3d Pro Fall, which if you haven’t marked it on your calendar yet is happening on October 3rd to the 7th.

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