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Aminocore gets a new White Grape flavor to go with its new look


An-all new look was recently unveiled for AllMax Nutrition’s amino supplement Aminocore. For those that missed it, the product has basically been updated to match some of AllMax’s recently rebranded protein powders — AllWhey Classic and ISOFlex — as well as been given its convenient Scoop Lock Technology. It’s also now been revealed that Aminocore has landed itself a new flavor to go with its new look.

At the moment AllMax Nutrition’s Aminocore can be found in four flavors with Key Lime Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Mango, and Fruit Punch Blast. Now confirmed to be joining those four sometime soon is another relatively common, fruity recipe in White Grape. The new addition is expected to be available in the same two sizes as Aminocore’s other flavors, the regular 44 serving as well as the much larger 111 serving.

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