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4+ Nutrition unveils PB+, a 100% peanut butter coming in crunchy or smooth

4+ peanut butter

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen quite a few new supplements from our favorite Italian brand, 4+ Nutrition. Strangely enough two of those supplements were in the same kind of category with the sweetened chocolate peanut spread Cremotto, and the brand’s protein infused High Protein Peanut Cream. This week 4+ has in fact unveiled yet another butter product which is just as obviously named as High Protein Peanut Butter, introducing PB+.

The latest from 4+ Nutrition is just as its name suggests, a peanut butter made entirely from peanuts. Like most nut butters, the product is due to be available in two different versions with smooth and crunchy. For now the brand has only said that PB+ is coming soon, giving no exact launch week or date, although it is quite busy as it’s also currently getting ready to release its other two butters, Cremotto and High Protein Peanut Cream.

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