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New look at Animal Fury confirms it’s a complete pre-workout

animal fury

Over the past few months we’ve been given several different looks at Animal’s upcoming pre-workout Animal Fury. Earlier this month we actually got the closest we’d ever been with a video of it at the Stack3d Pro Fall, where we got confirmation of the supplement’s second flavor and one of its ingredients. This week another shot of Animal Fury has surfaced, this time revealing what kind of pre-workout it is going to be.

Basically the latest look at Animal Fury brings us close enough to make out the effects the product is hoping to deliver. Not too surprisingly Animal Fury is promising almost everything you look for in a pre-workout. The effects we can make out from the new shot of the supplement include “raw energy”, “powerful pumps”, and “unbridled focus”, making it at least sound like a very complete pre-workout.

We’re still a little unsure as to exactly when Animal Fury is going to be available, although we have been given a rough idea on how far away it is. Animal is saying the product it still over a month or so away, meaning we might be seeing it in December but definitely not November.

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